Website Design

Website Design

What’s the point of having a web design that looks pretty but nobody understands? In the online world, you only have a matter of seconds to make a great impression on your potential customer before they click away. Your web design is testament to how easy you will be to deal with, how hard your product is to navigate, and how much substance you have behind that pretty product of yours.

That’s why at Smart Bit Technology, we make it our business to approach the look and feel of your website with a focus on user experience, user interface while also making a great visual impression on your customers.

After all, your web design is part of your branding, what your customers will recall when they are out and about in the big wide world, and is the statement about how you view yourself. Why wouldn’t we want that to be amazing?
We’re not just another source of web design, we’re a group committed to making the most out of web design.
Smart Bit Technology web design principles 
Our focus on UX means that we approach your web design with the following considerations in mind:

  • How visually appealing is your design?
  • How so we organise the information we need to present for the website customers and how should it be structured? (termed information architecture)
  • What sort of information needs to be presented on each page and how will the web design affect that presentation?
  • How do we support searches for the website and search within the website itself?
  • How accessible, easy to use and easy to re-use is the website?
  • Is the web design disability compliant while also meeting the requirements of the search engines and the audience the website is meant for?

From making your website easy to understand and navigate through to specialised design elements around disability compliance, mobile responsiveness and branding guidelines, we’ve got your back.

We put your audience first with our focus on creating a great user experience and put the customer first with visually appealing and easy to use user interface.



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